Giving Back


At 5 Stones, we have a three-pronged approach to our purpose.

  • To be excellent at our craft by serving the needs of our clients.

  • To encourage those we work along side.

  • To give back to those in need.

This page of our web site tells about the projects we are working
on that are centered around the third part of that purpose.


Ibisil Community Well Project


We know the power that a clean drinking water source can have on many aspects of a community. For the past few years, we have been working on a clean water project with the Maasai people in the Ibisil community of Kenya. The goal has been to eliminate the need for the 20 mile round-trip journey it takes to gather water for their community since they have no access to clean drinking water within their village.

One of the challenges in that region of Kenya is that the water levels are very deep below the ground, so a traditional pump will not work to access the water. In addition, there has been a lingering drought there so water in general is scarce above ground.

We have been able to install a 350 meter well that will provide clean drinking water to the community. We are also working with other NGO's in Kenya and in Germany to provide additional sources of clean water and economic enpowerment initiatives.

We have also been able to provide needed food supplies to the women and children of the community due to the drought that has taken a heavy toll on the community.

If you are interested in partnering with us in this effort to continue to help the Ibisil community, you can contact us at the email below. The best way to give to those in need is by EMPOWERING in a strategic way with partners who provide accountability- not by throwing money at projects - working with other NGO's to solve challenges with the resources with which we've been entrusted. We are excited to see the impact that this project can have on the lives of so many.